Lupa Irie, ND, is a graduate of the University of Georgia, a naturopath, author, teacher, natural food chef, entrepreneur, artist and creator of Lupa’s Kitchen, Inc.

Driven by her personal and professional motto, “Therapy through Food”, Lupa has spent 40 years around the world building and expanding her knowledge of natural food preparation as medicine. Lupa believes our ancestors had it right - eating quality foods, healthy fats and soaked, sprouted and fermented nuts and grains maintains optimal health.

Outside of her kitchen, Lupa teaches her class Rediscovering Traditional Food Preparation, empowering individuals to maintain better health through diet. Also, as a private therapeutic and organic chef, Lupa helps individuals with chronic health issues control their health through diet and aids athletes in improving their overall performance.

In January 2011, Lupa’s Kitchen, Inc. sprouted to life! Lupa’s Kitchen produces a line of organic, GMO free, casein-free, gluten-free and sprouted buckwheat granolas, germinated trail-mixes, cultured veggies and house-fermented kombucha.

A Tale of Two Women

In 2013, Lupa’s daughter Claire Irie formally joined the business as the Operations Director and Co-Owner. Graduating with a degree in psychology from Kennesaw State University, Claire's background and passion for holistic modalities perfectly suits her role in creating and maintaining the personal and unique relationships vital to the success of Lupa's Kitchen.

Claire's motivation comes from her deep love of her parents and bringing her mother's dream to fruition. When not by her mother's side in the kitchen, Claire spends much of her time on the road, building relationships and educating customers and retailers on the Lupa's Kitchen brand.

Passionate and determined, the mother-daughter-duo has pushed the family business forward, steadily expanding throughout the southeast region of the United States, one store at a time!

If you're interested in a relationship with the Lupa's Kitchen family, send them a note!

From Lupa's Kitchen to Yours

At Lupa’s Kitchen only the highest quality organic ingredients are used and prepared through traditional methods, maximizing their nutritional value. Traditional preparation includes sprouting all ingredients in purified water and mineralized sea salt, then dehydrating at a low heat. The low heat is a key component to the proper digestion by keeping the oils in the nuts from turning rancid. The overall process allows your body to utilize the nutrients within the food and assimilate the minerals provided.

Lupa’s Kitchen products are sold at Atlanta-local farmer’s markets, online and in numerous retail locations in the southeast, and expanding rapidly! Look out for Lupa’s Kitchen in various locations near you!

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